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A company’s competitiveness depends on its ability to innovate. This ability grows out of the company’s R&D sector, that is that set of human and financial resources dedicated to the study of technological innovations for the improvement and the perfecting of products and manufacturing processes.

The State of Israel spends about 5% of its GDP in Research and Development, getting to first place in the world rank. This datum has a considerable  repercussion of companies, that are favoured by dedicated national programs as well. For these reasons, large and small companies worldwide turn to Israel as an ideal partner for joint R&D projects. For several years, Euroisrael has assisted companies in the application procedures of European  (Eureka, FP7, Manunet etc.) and bi-national R&D financing programs (Israel signed joint financing agreements with 29 countries). We assist companies from the partner individuation and for all the application procedures and we succeed in 80% of cases.

|Thanks to the deep knowledge of teh national programs of support to innovation and of the several industrial sectors both in Israel and in Europe, also in this field, Euroisrael puts itself as the fundamental partner for the realization of winning R&D joint projects.

Our main services:

  • Realization of technological agreements
  • Partner research
  • European and bi-national projects application assistance
  • Support to the product assessment in the market
  • Research and market studies