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Services for Industry

Euroisrael offers a wide range of serviced aimed to activly support European companies operating or aiming to operate in Israel, both for opening a new market to their products and for taking the noumerous chances of industrial cooperation with local partners and of partecipating to bids and tenders in several fields.

Euroisrael assists the client in every step of the negotiation and beyond. In fact, once the partner, the clients or the suppliers have been identified and the business has started, the complicated -but still fundamental,- phase of contact maintaining, begins.

From our past experience, we have noticed that, sometimes, foreign companies find themselves associated to a local partner, without receiving periodic and essential updates on the Israeli economy tendency and on the market trend. Euroisrael keeps a continous contact with the client and it regularly sends updates on the last developments and supplies the specific market indicators, so it supports the cooperation between the countries.

Our main services:

  • Bids and tenders application assistance and consulting
  • Market researches
  • Formation
  • Explorative missions in the country of interest
  • Organizzazione di convegni e altri eventi
  • Research of partners and following assistance in the negotiations


Euroisrael offers its consulting in the following fields as well:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Bank operations
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Legal matters
  • Taxes
  • Communication
  • Hi-tech

Please have a look at the Case Studies section for an overview of our most important success in the industrial sector.